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Career Counselling

The Career Counselling Process:

The process of finding your career direction typicaly involves 5-7 sessions with a Psychologist, as well as testing, exercises and career research completed between sessions. This process is very personalized and tailored to your individual needs. It takes time and commitment, but is very interesting and motivational. Spending at least 2-3 hours between sessions completing tests and exercises provided by your counsellor, will help maximize your chances of finding the right career direction for you.

There are 3 stages in Sunshine Career counselling process:

Stage 1 Understanding You (Session 1 & 2):
This stage involves completing an interview with your Psychologist, as well as various tests to understand your interests, personality, values, motivators, strengths and talents.

Stage 2-Exploring Careers (Session3 & 4)
This stage includes further testing and exercises, but also involves exploring various careers. Online career websites as well as information interviews are used to better understand career options.

Stage3-Career Decision(Session 5 & 7)

This stage involves making a career decision, and includes final career research and goal setting. Discussion about top career choices, debriefing career research with your Psychologist, decision making and goal setting (determining the best path to achieve your chosen career). We can also assist with resumes, cover letters, interview and job search skills as needed.

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