Empowerning Education & Career Through Technology Free Career Counselling Start For Academic Year 2016-17

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Our Vision & Mission


Empowerment of students through education


To Develop Students Professionals who are Academically & Technically Sound with Strong Ethics & above all, Good Human Beings.



We are ready to launch your career and bright future with our educational hub team.In the scenario when the market is unstable due to failing to withstand the pressure of recession, the corporate companies are finding it tough to survive in the market and even the qualified professionals are getting pink slips,Sunshine Consultancy has been able to bring aray of hope for them. With our manpower consultancy one can access a whole wide of options. We are a professional manpower consultancy firm providing value added services to the jobseekers as well as potential employers.We strive to create opportunities for providing students with right information about job placement and educational services.We are truly passionate about global education in 21st century and belive that the phase of global education is bound to change as more and more students and colleges are exploring opportunities.Sunshine consultants are fully aware about all major and minor Universitites and colleges in India.We will provide the information regarding scholarships,admission procedure,which course is good for you,mode of education imparted in the colleges and how can you make your sfuture bright and better.